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Journals and Publications Using PP1 Instruments

Demonstrating how energy-starved microbial cells in soil survive by scavenging the picomolar concentrations of H2 distributed throughout the atmosphere. Research was conducted using PP1 RCP 910-105.

"Persistence of the dominant soil phylum Acidobacteria by trace gas scavenging."

"C. Greening, C. Carere, R. Rushton0Green, L. Harold, K. Hards, M. Taylor, S. Morales, M. Stott, G. Cook. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 24 November 2011.

Long-term monitoring of CO in Ambient Air over the Pacific Ocean using PP1 RCP 910-170.

"Onboard measurement system of atmospheric carbon monoxide in the Pacific by voluntary observing ships"

H. Nara, H. Tanimoto, Y. Nojiri, H. Mukai, T. Machida, and Y. Tohjima, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, November 2011

Continuous atmospheric monitoring of CO & H2 for interpretation of methanol data using the PP1 RCP 910-105.

"Source and seasonality of atmosphere methanol based on tall tower measurements in the US Upper Midwest"

L. Hu, D.B. Miller, M.J. Mohr, K.C. Wells, T.J. Griffis and D. Helmig, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 24 November 2011.

Quantification of H2 production in Trichodesmium (Cyanobacteria) using PP1 RCP 910-105. Researchers monitored how light intensity & light spectral quality of the open ocean can influence H2:N2 ratio.

"Nitrogen Fixation, Hydrogen Cycling, and Electron Transport Kinetics in Trichodesmium Erythraeum (Cyanobacteria) Strain IMS101"

Samuel T. Wilson, Zbigniew S. Kolber, Sasha Tozzi, Jonathan P. Zehr, David M. Karl, Phycological Society of America, 2012

Analysis of CO observations from the University of Minnesota tall tower Trace Gas Observatory using PP! RCP 910-105. Click here for Materials and Methods

"Constraints on Carbon Monoxide Emissions Based on Tall Tower Measurements in the U.S. Upper Midwest"

Su Youn Kim, Dylan B. Millet, Lu Hu, Michael J. Mohr, Tim J. Griffis, Deyong Wen, John C. Lin, Scot M. Miller and Marco Longo, Environmental Science & Technology, July 2013

"Unexpected Interaction Between Ocean Currents and Bacteria May Weaken Ocean's Ability to Absorb Carbon Dioxide"


University of Southern Denmark. "Unexpected interaction between ocean currents and bacteria may weaken ocean's ability to absorb carbon dioxide." ScienceDaily, 13 Sept. 2013. Web. 30 Sept. 2013.

zmt/Research/Expeditions/ Aqaba, Jordan, 1/9/13- 4/25/13

Prof. Christian Wild, Dr. Malik Naumann, Vanessa Bednarz, Laura Rix, Ulisse Cardini, Nannae van Hoytema," Aqaba, Jordan, 9.1.13-25.4.13,WG Coral Reef Ecology (Core),Web. 20 Sept. 2013.

Detection of ethylene in ocean water using PP1 RCP 910-120

"Comparative Assessment of Nitrogen Fixation Methodologies, Conducted in the Oligotrophic North Pacific Ocean"


Samuel T. Wilson, Daniela Bottjer, Matthew J. Church and David M. Karl, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 6 July 2012.

Study of pore-water H2 concentrations to study biogeochemical processes in sediments using PP1 RCP 910-100.

"Towards constraining H2 concentration in subseafloor sediment: A proposal for combined analysis by two distinct approaches"

Yu-Shih Lin, Verena B. Heuer, Tobias Goldhammer, Matthias Y. Kellermann, Matthias Zabel, Kai-Uwe Hinrichs, SciVerse ScienceDirect, 9 Nov. 2013.

The detection of ethylene in various matrices such as monitoring fruit ripening, ambient air and industrial solvents using PP1 RCP 910-120.

"Gas Chromatography with Reduction Gas Detection for the Characterization of Parts-Per-Billion Levels of Ethylene in various Matrices"

Monica Lin, Ronda Gras, Clayton Bleile, Kaelyn Gras, Jim Luong, Robert A. Shellie, LCGC Chromatography Online, 01 May 2015.

"Symbiotic Legume Nodules Employ Both Rhizobial Exp- and Endo- Hydrogenases to Recycle Hysrogen Produced by Nitrogen Fixation"

Christopher Ciccolella, Nathan Raynard, John Mei, Derek Church, Robert Ludwig, PLOS One,10 August 2010

Detection of Methane in deep continental subsurfaces to characterize indigenous microorgranisms and elucidate microbial carbon sources and their cycling using PP1 FID.

"Variations in microbial carbon sources and cycling in the deep continental subsurface."

Slator,G., Lau, M., Lollar, B., & Onstott,T. (2015, October 3). Variations in Microbial Carbon Sources and Cycling in the Deep Continental Subsurface. Retrieved November 23, 2015, from




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